Saturday, January 10, 2009

Florida Girl in...Florida!

Back in the TPA for business and the gods are smiling down on me. I have not seen clear blue skies like this in... well, three months! This is just what I needed to really make me homesick! I miss London terribly but I think this is a direct result of Chris being there and me being here. However, there are a few things that I have really come to enjoy in London that just don't work in Florida.
First, I really miss the ease of walking everywhere. Since I am at the Kipphuts it has been nice to walk Bayshore and to Hyde Park for shopping (just what I need!) but I miss walking to the grocery and to get coffee. Driving is a real pain in the touchous... especially when you are driving your father-in-laws Lexus and the battery dies and you have to call him while he is visiting his first grandchild in Atlanta and tell him that you just broke his car... but that NEVER happens, right?!? Seriously, I thought I was on some stupid prank show because the scenario described above is not something that happens... unless you are me! I digress... back to the list of things I miss about London other than my hubby!
Second, small cute little stores. I went to Target and suddenly felt overwhelmed with choices! The same thing at the grocery store... I went in for a quick snack and left without anything because I couldn't make my mind up! There were options upon options of fruit flavored water, chips, frozen dinners... everything! My brain went in to hyper drive and I came home without eating... too many choices! Funny that one of my biggest complaints about London has been the limitations and now I miss them after a week stateside!
And finally, people watching! I miss my afternoons of watching the world go by at a random cafe or bookstore. London is packed full of interesting people from so many walks of life. I can sit in one spot for 30 minutes and see practically every continent represented and hear 10 (maybe more) different languages.
So... with all that said, I think I am going to try and spend more time out and about in London. I don't want to miss a minute of the city and I really can not wait to get back! It was nice being back and wonderful to see all my friends... dinner with Jennifer and John, walking with Jennifer on Bayshore, dinner and drinks with Kirk and Nicholas, a day with Vim and Baby Violet, breakfast with Jason and getting to see his "all grown-up" home, and even a few minutes with the Kipphuts before they headed to Atlanta. Not to even mention the weather... 70's, sunshine, blue sky... I miss Florida weather!!! However, even with the friends and weather I still can not wait to get back to home... to London.

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David G. Johnson said...

Hey! How long you in TPA for?!