Monday, April 6, 2009

I <3 Sunshine!!!

I have a good excuse for neglecting the blog over the last week or so... I have been outside!!! Sunshine, temperatures in the high 50's and low 60's, flowers, birds chirping...seriously... can you blame me?!? And although the blog has been out of sight, it has not been out of mind because I have been schlepping the Nikon around the park! Lucky you ;-)

Do you remember this area from a few short months ago? It is hard to believe it was 8 inches deep in snow!

Flowers are popping up everywhere. Every time I go for a walk I spot something new. Beautiful for the eyes but not so good for the allergies! I don't think I will ever escape pollen!!

There was a breeze and the flower petals were falling like snow. I considered making a flower petal snow angel...

Yes, I am out withOUT a coat!!!

The Cherry Blossoms don't compare to D.C but they are still pretty!

We woke up late on Saturday morning to a perfectly blue sky without a single cloud! We had no plans for the day so we grabbed some essential items and headed to the park.

The essentials...
Not pictured is the Portable Bose i-Pod Sound Dock... Mike was right ;-) It was a perfect compliment to our picnic in the park! We spent the afternoon listening to Bob Marley, reading and relaxing as we soaked up the sun. Do Saturdays get any better?

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