Friday, April 17, 2009

Proof that we did more than drink beer in Brussels!

The Grand Place in the center of Brussels. The weather could not have been better... I was able to wear a tank top and got a little sun on my shoulders! Ah... sunshine!

The Parc de Cinquantenaire was a surprise to us because we didn't visit on our last trip. The Arch is the Belgian answer to the Arch de Triumph in Paris... I must say that it is MUCH more impressive!

I love the lanterns strung between the buildins in the Quartier de l'llot Sacre. These streets are lined with seafood restaurants. The servers are constantly grabbing you and literally begging you to eat. It is difficult to resist! And it is easy to get turned around since everything looks the same!

On Sunday before our train, we wondered over to Place du Grand Sablon and Petit Sablon... another surprise for us! We enjoyed lunch at Cafe Leffe and soaked up some last minute sunshine in the square. We spent the train ride home plotting our next trip... where will it be? You'll have to wait and see... Until next time! XOXO

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