Thursday, April 30, 2009

London Marathon Pictures

I had planned to be a picture taking fool on Sunday. However, I soon discovered that I needed about 3 more arms to make that happen. I found myself holding my coffee, a sign and the camera... not to mention the back pack on my back. I could have put the coffee down but we all know that would have gotten ugly very quickly! I decided to hold the sign up for the mile 6 meet-up and get pictures at mile 15 and the finish... but we missed each other at mile 15 and the finish was so exciting and crazy that I completely forgot about the camera!!
So with that said, here are the pics I did manage to snap in between coffee drinking, sign holding and the rest of the chaos!
Here is Chris is waiting for the train at about 7 am on the morning of the marathon. Look at that sweet little smile... he clearly has NO idea what he has gotten himself into... We will see if that smile is still there after 26.2 miles!

We first saw this in the official marathon magazine and laughed hysterically! So when I saw it again on the way to the start, I had to take a picture.
It says: Don't Wee in People's Gardens.
How great is that?!?

The Elite Men...
The guy in the yellow "vest" and gray pants placed 1st. The were running a world record pace until about 3/4 of the way through... Had they kept it up they would have finished in under 2 hours! The 3 guys in the black stripes are pacers. The pace was so fast that they had to drop out around Tower Bridge!

Don't look for Chris in this pictures because he isn't in it! This is the 15 mile marker where we were supposed to meet but alas it was not meant to be... Not for lack of trying, I even brought in replacements in the form of Tim to help me look! It is about 12:24 am here and Chris has been running for 2 hours. The weather was brilliant for the spectators but not so much for the runners. Clear skies and in the upper 70's. However, int he direct sun the temperature felt more like mid to high 80's!

How about that.... he is still smiling!
Granted this pictures was taken about 4 hours after he finished running...
However, he is smiling none the less!

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LKipphut said...

Chris earned that smile.  Way to go Chris!