Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

During our senior year of college Chris surprised me with a birthday celebration in the Spring. Considering my actual birthday is in December it was quite the surprise. He took me to see BB King and then out for dinner... there may have also been a party at our place before everything was said and done. It was one of the best non-birthday birthday celebration of all time! There is nothing better than stretching out the fun as long as possible.

This year I managed to one up the non-birthday birthday by stretching it out til the end of May! Essentially, I was able to celebrate the Big 3-0 without actually having to turn 30 again! How awesome is that?!?
Back in December, Chris gave me a gift certificate for an hour long private horse back riding session in Hyde Park. We were holding out for perfect weather and a few weeks ago perfection was achieved!
I booked the first ride of the day in hopes that we could avoid most of the tourists in the park. We were up at 7 am, walked the few blocks to the stables and by 8:45 on a beautiful Saturday morning we were saddled up and ready to go!
Here I am on my pony... for the life of me, I can not remember his name. It was something very human... Edward, Richard, Thomas... something along those lines. And he was not actually a pony. However, next to Chris's horse he looked like one!
Chris rode the largest horse at the stables, Baron. Seeing Chris climb up on this giant horse made me giggle like a 3 year old. Considering he has only been riding a handful of times in his life, he was amazingly calm and in control... until we started to trot, at which time he nearly bounced himself out of the saddle! Not that I did much better... I was flopping around like a sack of potatoes! I was initially worried that an hour would go by too fast but my legs and lower back were relieved as we rounded the corner back to the stables.
Although an hour was long enough for the ride, we couldn't bring ourselves to head back inside. So we headed to our usual spot in the sun for an afternoon picnic... of course, no picnic in Kensington Gardens is complete without a trip to Whole Foods!
Chris celebrated the successful ride, brilliant weather and yummy picnic with a good ole fashion cartwheel!

The birthday girl and with the Albert Memorial in the back ground.

I wish all my birthdays could be in May!

Until next time... XOXO


Vim said...

Nice! I remember that I went horseback riding once... I vaguely recall that I was very sore by the time our ride was over with.

I'm glad that you guys waited till May. I'm so jealous!! It looked like you guys had a ton of fun!!

LKipphut said...

You two look quite the riders mounted on your stallions. I want to ride too! And Chris, you really need to work on pointing your toes on that must be the cheerleader coach in me.