Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What 2 things can bring London to a stand still?

1. Snow (apparently any amount does the trick)
2. TFL (Transport for London) strike
Tomorrow we will experience what it is like when all Underground train lines stop running and everyone takes to the streets to get to work! I should be fine as I only have a 3 mile walk to work. However, Chris is pretty much S.O.L as he travels for about 30 minutes on the tube to work each day. Looks like he will be busing it along with about 10 million other Londoner's! I am predicting he will want to hit the pub by the time he makes it home tomorrow... but that is just a guess ;-)


Francisco Castelo Branco said...

why all underground trains are gone stop?

Tim said...

Did you have to walk, or were you able to get a bus/tube after all? I ended up taking the bus to our office yesterday and today in the mornings, then the ferry to Canary Wharf at lunchtime and working from there the rest of the day, no problem. It sounds like Chris might have had a bit more of a challenge?