Sunday, June 21, 2009

Taste of London

On Friday night, Chris and I headed to Regent's Park to get our eat on at the Taste of London! The weather was less than perfect but it wasn't raining and the wind was pretty tame so I would call it acceptable... beggars can't be choosers, right ;-)
We were both starving by the time we weaved our way through the crowds... so we waisted as little time as possible identifying our targets: Asia de Cuba, Hereford Road, Mango Tree, Bumpkin and anything that struck our fancy along the way!
I have been wanting to try Bumpkin for a few months... the slogan pretty much describes us perfectly!
Best chicken pot pie, ever!

I almost lost Chris at the grilling demo. He was mesmerized by the flames and drooling over the salmon! I think he misses his grill :-(
Poor guy!!! An outdoor space is a must have for our next flat!!

This display was from The Blue Elephant, the Thai restaurant we visited while on our honeymoon in 2004. Great Thai food but their real speciality is the presentation... our entire meal was accompanied by carved goodies! We watched a lady carve a carrot into a flower... amazing skill! I would surely slice my fingers off.

Chris trout from Hereford Road was 100 times better than my rabbit... and I don't even like fish! I was disappointed in Hereford Road after hearing such good things about it... oh well... you win some, you lose some.
No pictures of the deserts... they were gone before I could even think to take out my camera! If anyone is planning to visit London in the next summer, I would highly recommend timing the trip to coincide with the TOL!!!


LKipphut said...

I just got caught up with your newer posts. What an amazing life you both lead. Wow is all I can say!

Vim said...

We're so there for TOL next year... Heavenly goodness...