Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stop and smell the roses...

Last Sunday (yes, I am nearly caught up with the blog!!) Chris and I headed to the southeast corner of Hyde Park for a walk through the rose garden. The weather was once again beautiful; mid 70's, a slight cool breeze, bright sunshine, perfectly blue skies and big white fluffy clouds... it doesn't get much better than this!!! I find it difficult on days like this to believe/remember that London could ever have bad weather... London is always quick to remind me as it was raining in buckets and hailing on Monday afternoon as I was walking home!!!
Enough about the fickle London weather!!! Last week, during the Underground strike, I had a training in Victoria. I took the bus in the morning... which was a nightmare to say the least. There were hundreds of people at almost every bus stop, the roads were packed with buses, cars, bikes, and walkers, and the journey that should have taken 20 minutes at most took over and hour! I was squished into the bus with a short, dirty man who was oozing the smell of cheap liquor holding onto the railing with his face about 3 inches from my chest!!! Not the experience you want at 8 am with only one cup of coffee under your belt!!! So, when the training wrapped up I headed to the sidewalk (along with another lady from the class) to walk home. It took about 45 minutes and we walked past the back of Buckingham Palace into Hyde Park and along the Serpentine. Along the walk, I discovered the Hyde Park Rose Gardens and instantly wished I had my camera! Come Sunday and the sunny weather, I grabbed Chris and the camera and headed back to the gardens! Lucky Chris!!!

I know this one is not a rose... but I liked the picture so... my blog, my rules ;-)

Too bad I can't attach the smell along with the pictures! With so many roses in bloom, we could smell the scent before we could even see the flowers! I think I was about a week late as many of the plants were starting to drop their petals. I have marked my calendar to return next year about 3 weeks earlier... just in case there a chance it could be even more magical!

Tomorrow Chris and I are heading to the Taste of London. I hope to get some yummy pictures so come back soon!

Until then!!


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