Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shopping, Donuts and Walking...lots and lots of walking!

I spent today exploring the city... well, by exploring I meaning shopping. I decided to get my barrings by taking buses to the different areas. I caught a bus at Lancaster Gate to Marble Arch where I headed towards Regent Street. I picked up a Christmas present for Mike and then jumped on another bus to Covent Gardens. Once at Covent Gardens, I found a few streets of boutique shops and walked and shop until my feet where ready to fall off... that's where things started to go awry. I asked the shop girls in a boutique where I should go next and they suggested Canterbury Street. They gave me some basic walking directions and out the door I went... into oblivion. I was lost before I even lost sight of the boutique!!! I kept thinking I would walk a little further and if I didn't find the street I would take the next bus. The next thing I knew the sun was setting and I was still walking with no clear direction or knowledge of where I was going. I finally spotted a tube station and checked out a map... Did I mention that when I left the Flat this morning I forgot to take my map? I told Chris that he should stop letting me out without supervision... anyways, I found a map and located a bus route to take me to Kensington so I could go to Harrods to finish my I mean exploring ; )

The bus dropped me smack in front of Harrods and I (you may have guessed this already) got lost in the store! In my defense the place is mammoth! Seriously, it is huge and the rooms are called Room of Luxury and Room of Luxury II. Eventually, I found what I was looking for and even picked up dinner at the deli. As I was looking for the exit, a flashing red neon sign caught my eye. It was nothing other than a Krispy Kreme Donut counter right in the middle of the prim and proper English department store... I quickly jumped in the queue for an iced, plump, delicious ring of heaven! I finished it before I could even pay for it... it was yummy!

Eventually, I found the exit and after scratching my head for a few minutes and looking up and down the street I decided to walk home through Hyde Park... how far could it be? Let's just say that I burned every Krispy Kreme calorie and then some! I walked through the Winter Wonderland which is like a fair with rides and yummy smelling food. About a quarter of the way throug the park I was begging for a bench and secretly hoping a cab would just show up and take me the rest of the way. However, I managed it and made it home with only one blister, a bag full of Christmas goodies and dinner!

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