Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Walk in the Park

When I got up yesterday the sun was shining and there was not a raindrop in sight. Naturally, I decided it was a time for a walk through Hyde Park with the Nikon. Say hello to nature, London style...
The squirrels in Hyde Park are so accustom to people enticing them with food for a picture that when you stop and assume the photo taking stance, the squirrels literally attack you. While I was taking this little guys pictures his buddies were stalking from behind and before I knew it I was surrounded! I walked away and they followed me for about 15 yards! I have never wished for a handful of acorns before but the next time I take pictures of squirrels I will have some sort of goodies to distract them as I run away!
As I was heading back to the flat I met this guy feeding peanuts to the birds. He was a cute little quintessentially British man... with terrible teeth, a mumbling accent and a terrible gambling problem. I talked to him for a good 20 minutes... so I am a little lonely when Chris is at work ; ) Anyways, my British friend told me all about all the birds and how he feeds them on Mondays, Wednesdays and sometimes on Saturdays when there are no horse races worth betting on!
This is a robin. He sat there staring at the peanuts and would occasionally swoop down but never actually got close enough to get any.

This is a yellow tit... yes, that is the name of it so stop snickering... There was also a blue tit but he was too quick for me to snap a picture. There were about 15 of these little guys hovering about in the trees waiting for their turn to land on this guys hand and snack on a little piece of peanut. I like my new friend and feel a little bad that I only took pictures of his hand and never even asked his name! I guess I will go see him tomorrow... after I check the horse races!

It is hard to believe the all 3 of the ducks above are the same... sort of... the guys with the green heads are male mallards and the 3rd one is a female mallard. As you can see, once these duckies determined I had no food for them, they swam away.

That is about it for London Wildlife with Florida Girl...
Until next time.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures. You learned quite a bit in 20 mins, I have to say. He seems interesting.

- Very Anonymous Blogger Poster Person