Monday, July 28, 2008

Gnaming the Gnome!

So there we were driving through Wheel, Tennessee (yes, that is really a place!) when Chris looks out the window and sees a yard that is chopped full of yard art. Now, I am using the word art very liberally here but I am certain that the owner of this cozy abode feels a sense of accomplishment every time he/she looks out at their creation. Chris's face lit up like a Christmas tree with pure delight and he says "I know what we should do!" Now I follow with the inevitable question... "what?" I should really know better by now!

And Chris lays out the plan... He says we should build an ark and collect 2 of every plastic lawn animal we can find. Once we are satisfied with our menagerie, he wants to display it in the front yard. I add that my little gnome buddy can stand in as Noah... and then boom! It hits me like a bolt of lightning... We should gname the gnome Gnoah!

So there you have it. Our trusty traveling companion will be gnameless gno more.

Say hello to Gnoah (and Moe)!

And here are some family reunion pictures for good measure!

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