Thursday, July 10, 2008

In London...

Good News! We made it to London safe and sound. We spent yesterday wandering around Bayswater (just south of Hyde Park) and then met Chris's former co-worker (Areej) for dinner. We also walked along the river in an area called Little Venice. There are house boats and beautiful terraced homes (aka townhouses) along the water. It was an exhausting day but by the time we made it back to the hotel Chris and I were both wired! Luckily, the Marriott gave us a complimentary bottle of wine. 2 glasses a piece and we were both snoring!
Today we went to St John's Wood (home of Abbey Road). A very nice (expensive) area and home of the Lords Cricket Grounds. There was a match today between England and South Africa so the whole area was swamped with people... mostly men in suits with umbrellas! We will need to see how many Cricket matches they have each year and how long the season lasts before we move to St. John's Wood. The tube was packed, no seating, no room to move and when the doors open we were lucily we were heading in the same direction as everyone else.
Regent's Park is near by so we walked through to Camden Town. The park is also home of the London Zoo so as we were walking we were looking through the fences at the camels, goats, donkeys and some other racoony looking things. It was a pretty walk and Chris thinks the park would be great for running. I used the 2007 Loo of Year while we were in the park. It was lovely! Then we headed to Camden... of all the areas we were considering Camden Town is officially off the list! Very fun area with loads of pubs and steet markets (mainly clothing). However, it was very seedy and we did not feel safe at all. On the outside edge it is quite and decent enough but we would have to walk through the heart of the area to get to the tube. So we can at least cross one neighborhood off the ever growing list!
We also stopped in Marylebone which is not pronounced "Mary- le-bone" as one might think... Very quaint, neighborhood feel but very few restaraunts and no grocery stores to be found. The tube stop is an old train station with a beautiful flower shop in the center... However, I don't think I can pick my future home based on a flower shop alone!
We have an appointment this afternoon just south of Regent's Park and then we plan to find pub and enjoy a pint or two! Hope to write more later this week.
Until then... cheers!

P.S. The spell check is not working so I am sorry if anything is spelled wrong... also the n and k keys don't work well so I tried to catch all the errors. I promise to come back and edit later!

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