Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gnome on the roam...

So anyone who knows me is surely aware of my obsession with Gnomes... We had a stow away on our trip ( I may have had a hand in packing him ; ) and I thought I would share his adventures through London... he is nameless at the moment so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. From the looks of it, I think he may be making a few more appearances on the blog!
The gnome made himself known when we ordered our first plate of fish and chips. As you can see he jumped right on to the plate... we let him eat all the peas he wanted!
He enjoyed riding the tube but got some strange looks when he decided to climb out of the bag and take a proper seat!
He loved how the red telephone booths match is hat. So he decided to have a 7-Up and make a quick call to one of his Gnome friends. He is a little hard to see but he is in there... I promise.
See... Gnome friends. He was looking for a place to crash but decided this flat in Knotting Hill with his buddies was not going to work out. He really wanted something with a little more character, maybe a garden and a iron fence.
And the next day while walking in the park we found it... a perfect Gnome home. Doesn't he look happy? I mean what Gnome wouldn't want to live in Hyde Park next to the Queen. Maybe he will let use crash a few nights when we move!!

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