Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

it's off to London we go! Chris and I leave in the morning for England. Initially, we were supposed to fly to Newark but Chris called Delta with a story about needing a direct flight, possible weather delays, almost expired travel vouchers and then boom! we have a direct flight. What do you know, he has some of his mother's genes after all ; )

I am hoping that the hotel will have free Internet access and a computer for me to keep my loyal readers (I think there are only 2 of you) up to date. Otherwise there will be some marathon blogging upon my return!

Until then.... hugs and kisses!!

1 comment:

Vim said...

Have a great and safe trip!!!! :) :) I so excited for you guys. Post TONS of pictures when you get back.

Oh yea, eat some fish and chips for me too.