Monday, July 28, 2008

Open House #2

While Chris and I lived it up in Lewisburg Tennessee, our realtor held our 2nd open house. A disappointing 2 people came in the 3 hours she was here. One neighbor being nosey and a friend of a possible buyer. I must say I am starting to worry about selling this place! I think if I read or watch another news story about the crumbling, failing, bursting, never to get better again housing market I may end up with an ulcer and a serious drinking problem! We love our place and thought for sure the 1st person to walk through the door would fall in love and never want to leave!

On a better note, Chris and I went to Tennessee this weekend for my family reunion. It was a short trip (left Friday around 2 pm and got back Sunday at 7 pm) but I got to see my dad, step-mom and grandparents... as well as several relatives at the reunion! We had 94 Crick's show up to eat and... well... eat! It is a covered dish event so imagine all the good southern home cookin'. Chris was in heaven and at a little of every casserole on the table. Someone brought tomatoes from their garden and I secretly ate 3 slices before we said the blessing just to make sure I got some! I learned the secret to these things to be in charge of setting up the food. Then you put all the good things you want to eat at the end of the table... that way no one has room on their plate when they get to the good stuff! In the end, I think it went off really well. Most of my relatives have no clue who I am and were very confused when my name was on the invite. I had several cousins come up and say "Are you that Jennifer?" It was pretty entertaining to say the least! In the end I think my cousin, Pasty, and I will go down as the best President and Treasurer to have presided over the Crick Family Reunion! The best part is that I happily passed on my title to another unsuspecting sucker! This moving to London thing is getting me out of all kinds of responsibility ; )

On Saturday we took my grandfather and his wife to a county music talent search in a local park. It was the best people watching event I have been to in a very long while! Chris and I were in near hysterics the entire time. I would elbow him to look in one direction as he elbowed me to look in the other. I feel a little bad because my grandfather couldn't hear a thing and the music was really bad and loud but we wanted to stay and watch the crowd! Chris always complains that we don't do anything when we go to Tennessee... so I have now committed to taking him to every possible country music event in Lewisburg. The more amature the better! I haven't told him yet so let's keep it a secret ;-)

The last thing I will add in this random post is that we have named the Gnome! Come back tomorrow and I will try to post it... there is obviously a story that goes with the name!!!
Until next time! XOXO

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