Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things I learned while in London...

1. After repeatedly hearing about an area along the River Thames called "Suthic" I spent a good 2 hours searching my map, books and brain for the neighborhood. I later learned that this area while being pronounced "suthic" is actually spelled Southwark! Which leads to the 1st thing I have come to realize about London... they do not speak English as I know it!

2. Londoners strongly discourage any and all "ball games" from being played in public parks, gardens, alleys and other generally open spaces. There is proof all over the city as signs posted read "No Ball Games." I guess we will have to leave our gloves at home...

3. When in a London garden, don't walk on the grass. Most gardens have what I will call a Grass Warden watching. You usually do not realize they are there until the edge of your Nike grazes the precisely manicured blade of grass... in they swoop like an eagle to point out the sign that reads "Stay Off Grass and No Ball Games."

4. Cricket makes no sense and most people who are avid fans don't have a clue what the rules are either!

5. Don't say soccer or refer to American Football as "Football." Doing so may get you in hot water, especially if you are drinking pints in a pub.

6. Some pubs serve curry. Very yummy curry. Sometimes it is Thai curry and sometimes it is Indian curry but it is usually delicious!

7. Service in a restaurant is non-existent. We had Indian in Bayswater at Maharajah. The little Indian server became very exasperated when I inquired about what vegetables they had... he started to name them off in a fashion similar to the shrimp scene in Forrest Gump only much quicker. Eventually, we gave our order and the server never returned to the table! Of note, the food was delicious and we found the people watching in this restaurant to be top notch as other diners were repeatedly chewed out by our server! Each diners experience started as follows: Diner "Table for 2 please." Server "Get Inside."

8. Brits do not share appetizers at a meal. I learned this at a business dinner when asked if I would like a starter and I said I would eat a little of what was already ordered. I got some strange looks which confused me until the starters arrived and were placed firmly in front of each who had ordered them! I will not make this mistake again!

9. Brits curse... a lot! They are not afraid to drop the F bomb in any situation. Me and my trucker mouth should fit in well ; 0

10. If you are crossing a street and see a bus coming towards you... run! The bus (or car, taxi , motorcycle, bicycle for that mater) will NOT stop or even slow down. I think they actually speed up when pedestrians step off the curb.

I know that I have some more lesser known "facts" about lesser cared about London in my journal so I will provide you all with additional insight in a few days. Hope all is well with everyone!
Until next time!

PS I have a correction... I previously posted that I have only 2 loyal readers. I have since learned that I have a rather loyal following in Connecticut... so hello Kipphuts! I promise to keep you all in mind whenever I give reader shout outs from now on ; )

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