Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Dream Jobs

Working in social services for the last 6 years has given me the opportunity to utilize my degree and work towards my desire to (as my mother used to say) save the world. However, the trials and tribulations that come with my job have led me to daydream about what I truly would LOVE to do. So I am compiling a list of my ultimate, nothing standing in the way, in a perfect world dream jobs. Please note that they are in no particular order.

1. Anything that involved cooking but never having to do dishes. I also thought it would be amazing to have a restaurant that was small (6 tables), opened to reservations only and had a set menu. I would go shopping each morning and the menu would be comprised of my purchases. If the peaches looked especially yummy that day... they would be on the menu. If I had an itch to make chocolate chip cookies, they would be dessert. I would drive to farmers markets that I never get to now and I would by all my ingredients local. I would cook and personally bring the food out, taking time to talk to each guest making them feel special! And my family (no matter how extended) would always eat free!

2. Open a Speciality Beer Bar. Chris and I have dedicated the better part of the last 3 years to researching the products. We would not sell any liquor or wine just beer. Belgium beer, German beer, American beer, Micro brews, British Ales, Stouts, Lagers, IPAs, Hefeweizens, Imperial Stouts, Pilsners, ESBs, hoppy beer non-hoppy beer, filtered and unfiltered beer, re-fermented beer, cask ale, and any other beer that I have not yet mentioned.. unless fruit has been added to it. All the pub grub would be made with... you guessed it... beer. We would hire a competent staff to run the place while we conduct research. There would gnomes on the walls, tin beer signs, neon beer signs and other memorabilia collected in our travels. We have even designated jobs for all our relatives... Matt and Michelle are in charge of bringing in the people, Laurie will help decorate, Mike with cook chicken over the grill out back, my dad would grill steaks next to Mike, Lori would tend bar or at least tell the other bartenders how to tend bar, Granny would be in charge of the keg stand line, and Grampie would take care of the books. Of course, Kirk and Nicholas would be our trusty research companions.

3. Cupcake Maker. I don't want to bake everything... just cupcakes. I would be able to make them perfectly every time. I would also be able to decorate them with extravagant details. And they would be YUMMY! I would probably start this business in conjunction with Jennifer Kuhn and we would call it JKs Cupcakes and Scones. She would make the scones. We would have a big fluffy couch in a small store with wood floors, a fireplace, and family pictures on the walls. We would wear pink aprons with Jen and Jenn stitched across the front in brown thread. Laurie would help decorate and take all the pictures. Kuhn would have a perfectly detailed business plan that would cover any and every possible scenario and we would spend the day baking and laughing...

and 4. Host of a travel show. Now this may be the one that I am most likely to pursue. I am addicted to the travel shows and love to watch as the hosts meet locals and see the world. I would be really good at this! I would do different themes such as travel on a budget, travel without a budget, travel like a local, travel like a tourist, or traveling alone. Chris would travel with me but I don't think he would want to be a host. He would be the behind the scenes guy helping to pick the next destination. I would fill the time I was not working by being a travel consultant... not an agent... I would create perfect travel plans for people based on their personalities. I would be the female version of Rick Steve's, only much hipper.


Nick said...

OMG you're killing me! These blogs are so great that I find myself logging on throughout the day to see if you've written more! I love these! And yes, Kirk and I will definitely do some research with doubt about that! Let's just hope I don't end up with discolored teeth again!!!

Jennifer said...

I can see it would be like Central Perk meets shabby chic. :)