Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quiet weekend...

Still no news. We had a quiet week with no house showings. Several single family homes are now under contract in the 'hood. However, no signs of any townhouses selling. I waiver back and forth with being patient and being... impatient! I am trying a new outlet for my frustration.... running.

You may recall that Chris is in a running frenzy ever since going to watch our friend run her marathon. He is now training for a half marathon and I am trying to train for a 10k. I was ready to give up after 3 run/walks but then Chris told me he has a present for me if I do the 10k... so I did not give up. Nothing like a present bribe to keep a girl running! If it turns out to be a He-Man, I will be upset ; ) So the training goes something like this... run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute, run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute... I started off doing 2 miles but today I up'd it to 3! Now I just have to get to 6.2... at my current pace it will take me 2 hours to finish! Did I mention the race is on the 31st of August! Chris promises to hang with me the whole time but I am guessing he will leave me around mile 2... His pace for his last 10k was 52 minutes! He could run 2 races before I finish 1. I guess I need to focus on my pace over the next 2 weeks.

So I am blogging about my running because I am hoping telling everyone in advance will keep me motivated. I think I am up to around 7 loyal readers and I would be too embarrassed to tell you all on the 1st that I bailed! This week I plan to run/walk 3 miles on Sunday (already did it!), Monday, and Wednesday. By Friday I hope to cut the walk and run the full 3. My final goal will be to run the whole 6.2 but that may be an "Olympics" inspired dream. I know I will eventually get to that goal but I am not sure it will happen by the 31st.

I leave you with a picture of Chris at mile 5 of his last 10k...

and yes, that is me handing him a beer at mile 5!

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Nick said...

Keep going, girl! You can do it! I did the 5k (and thought I was going to die) but I finished faster than any of our friends that are in better shape than me and who trained for months (unlike me), so don't give up hope! It's amazing what adrenaline and brain power can do when you're actually running the race.