Thursday, August 21, 2008

Training Update

I ran/walked 2 miles on Monday morning at 5:30 am!!! Chris had to practically drag me out of bed by my feet but I did it. We ran 3 minutes and walked 1 minute. Wednesday I ran/walked 3 miles, running 5 for minutes and walking for 2. I don't know if I will reach my goal of running a full 3 miles without walking on Saturday but I am still going to try my best. I have learned that running on a treadmill is significantly easier than running outside... In case you did not already know, I live in "Underwood Hills." The "hills" part is not a cute little cliche either. Chris swore he picked the flattest possible route but at one point I am sure I heard him snickering as I huffed and puffed up a giant 80 degree incline... okay, so it was more like a 10 degree incline but I was still struggling!

Today I am taking a running break and tomorrow I will do a 5/1 combo for 3 or maybe 3.5 miles. Saturday is the big day and I will be sure to fill you all in on every agonizing detail. I am going to go with Chris to the Silver Comet Trail which is incredibly flat and mostly shaded... the 1st 1.5 miles are shaded which is all the matters to this runner! He is running about 10 miles so I will have plenty of time to wait once he is finished... maybe I will hold on to the keys and go get breakfast and coffee while he finishes ; )

FYI: Mr. Trump has yet to reply to my letter... although I have not actually sent it to him. I figure he is the type to Google himself so he should find it. Actually, he probably has a team of people who are paid to Google him on a daily basis. Maybe I should include the words "Rosie O'Donnell" in the post. Then he would be sure to find it and reply to it!!!

And I almost forgot... we are supposed to have a second showing of the house tonight or tomorrow. More on that later so just keep your fingers crossed for now!

Until next time! XOXO

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Nick said...

Go get 'em, girl! Good luck on the run...I can't wait to read the details. :-)