Thursday, August 7, 2008

No new updates...yet

There is nothing new to report on the home front. Our realtor assures us that this is normal for the market but we have been calling her every few days for additional reassurance! She is earning her commission and we are making sure of it. Nothing new from London, either.

Going to work is getting harder and harder with each passing day. Yesterday I couldn't even manage to leave the house! I have post it on my monitor at work that says "You can make it!" I read it aloud all day... I am sure people think I am losing my mind ; )

I spent the weekend looking at flats in Nottinghill and Bayswater... via Internet of course... I found some places with potential. I know that none of them will be available when we finally move but I am hopeful about what I am finding in our price range. Chris and I are still at odds over "character" versus "remodeled/new." I think I am going to get the character that I want this time! We can't move to London and not live in a quintessential London flat!

Keep checking back... xoxo

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