Saturday, August 2, 2008

House Update

Our house has been on the market for over 60 days now. We have had about 5 showings, 2 open houses and a realtor caravan of about 16 realtors. We have gotten great feedback from most people who have seen the place but obviously no offers. Chris and I are both ready to move and start the next chapter in our lives but the house is holding us up.

We buried a saint in the front yard but that hasn't done us much good so I am going to have a brainstorming session of our next steps... Feel free to jump in with any ideas I miss.

1. My neighbor suggested we bury Gnoah Gnome in the front yard similar to how we buried St Joe. Gnoah is against the idea. Too bad for him I am bigger!

2. I take house fliers with me everywhere I go and give them to anyone who looks in my direction. I left them at my coffee shop and dry cleaners. I tell every server, bartender, cashier, customer behind me in line and stranger on the streets that they should buy our house. I think people are starting to think I have a screw loose.

3. Prayer. So many people have offered to pray for us. This is greatly appreciated but I hate having people pray for my personal gain. So please don't pray for the house to sell, pray for mine and Chris's sanity. The two are undeniably linked together. If your prayers for us not to end up in a padded room in straight jackets are answered... the house will sell!

4. I am out of ideas : (

I should know better than to brainstorm at 9:30 on a Saturday morning before I've had my coffee. I saw a report on TV a few years ago that showed the brain wave activity of a coffee drinker before their morning coffee and then again after. If you could have seen that last sentence (as well as this one) before I proof read and spell checked you would understand the limited movement of neurotransmitter molecules across my synapse prior to coffee. Hopefully, that made sense! I generally try to limit all activity requiring brain use until after the 1st cup However, my effort this morning shows great dedication to all my loyal readers. See what I do for you ; ) In return, all I ask is that one of you come and buy this silly house! Just kidding, but any ideas you may have are greatly welcomed!

Now for coffee... xoxo

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