Sunday, October 26, 2008

Seriously... are we there yet?

Just a quick post as I have a list a mile long to conquer before Chris gets back from washing the car! We are still in Tampa but leave early tomorrow morning for ATL. Our flight leaves for London at 6:30 pm on Tuesday and we arrive around 9 am on Wednesday morning. We have a new green laptop waiting for us at the DSL office in Atlanta so I will be blogging about our English exploits in no time at all... assuming I have not gone completely mad by then!

I promise to post pictures from our farewell tour as soon as I have a chance to upload them. We have really crammed a lot in to the last week and I think it is starting to show! I have bags under my eyes, every time I sit for longer than 5 minutes I fall asleep and I can't find anything. Last night I woke up in the dark and had no idea where I was??? I ran into the wall thinking there should be a door there and did not realize I was at the Kipphuts until I saw Dallas sleeping on the kitchen floor!!! I need a home : )

Keep us in your thoughts and I promise to update the blog as soon as I can... Until then, hugs and kisses to everyone!!

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