Friday, October 24, 2008

What a week...

Sorry for the delay in postings but I have been computerless since Sunday night (10/19)... this may be the longest I have gone without my PC!

I feel like we have lived a year in the last 5 days. We closed on the house on Monday the 20th. Everything went extremely smooth as far as we were concerned. We ran some errands around Atlanta and then headed out for Jacksonville around 2 pm on Monday. We spent a few days with my dad and Lori. It was a great visit! Dad grilled steaks and we drank a bottle of pseudo Opus One... it was the best home cooked meal I have had in a VERY long time!!!

Yesterday, we headed down to Ocala and took Nana (Chris's grandmother) to lunch. Nana shared some old family letters and newspaper clippings with us. They dated back to the 1700's!!! Amazing family history.

After lunch we headed to Orlando for some quality time with the Smith brothers and Kuhn! We went to Halloween Horror Nights. Kuhn latched on to me in the 1st haunted house and I now have finger print bruises on my forearms! She was a riot! We had a great time... and we got to have breakfast with Vim and baby V this morning!!! I will post pics later ; )

This afternoon we drove down to Tampa and emptied the Jeep into Mike and Laurie's living room!!! And now.... now I am going to go and take a nap!


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