Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 country women, 1 quite guy and 17 boxes!!!

The movers came at 10 this morning and were done by noon. In all, we had 17 small & medium size boxes and 4 things wrapped in brown paper (2 benches, Chris guitar and a Tupperware box of Christmas decorations.) Yes, I am taking Christmas decorations! This will be our first Christmas "alone" and I am going to make sure to make it as homey as possible. The holidays are supposed to be a very fun time of year in London with lots of decorations and holiday cheer so hopefully we won't be too homesick!

Back to the movers... they were hilarious! The lady in charge, Clara or possible Claire, had opinions about everything including the fact that Chris and I are organ donors.... she had to see a picture id and say the organ donor marking on our license. She claimed that if Chris and I were in a terrible accident at the same time that the doctors would let us die just to take our organs even if they could save us. Wow, there are actually people like this in the world! I assured her that I wasn't worried but she still had her doubts. Clara/Claire asked to use our bathroom and was in there for a decent amount of time. She exited, fan still running, closed the door and exclaimed "Oh Lord. My stomach is tore up!" Needless to say, the door is still closed.
The second lady was very sweet... or so I think. In reality, we could not understand a single word she said! I am clueless as to her name although she said it at least 4 times! I am less worried about understanding British accents after trying to decipher this lady's Georgia drawl! While she was talking I did not dare to even look at Chris as I was terrified I would burst into uncontrollable laughter! Not only was her southern drawl thick, she barely spoke above a whisper. As we were doing some paperwork with Clara/Claire, lady #2 sat in front of our floor fan, facing towards the door which was about 2 feet in front of her, and started talking! Talking to us or to herself?? We will never know!
The final mover was a quite young man named George. George has a sister who lives in Kensignton and will be moving to Surrey soon. He was rather normal and I am pretty sure I saw him snickering at his co-workers more than once! He did have a lazy eye which I always find very distracting. I never know which eye to focus on and I hate to not look people in the eyes when they talk to me... I usually just dart back and forth between both eyes which probably makes me look a little sketchy and also makes me dizzy!
All in all the moving crew provided some much needed comic relief. The house is a lot less cluttered with all of our stuff either on it's way to London or boxed up in the basement awaiting storage! I am starting to see the forest through the trees and I am getting less nervous and more excited. BTW, my sty is getting better ; o
Until next time... XOXO

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