Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Here are some pictures of last years pumpkins. No time to carve any this year! Chris did the skull and I did the tree. Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

Day 3 in London!!! I am still feeling under the weather but found a pharmacy and will be feeling better as soon as they open. Chris got up at 6 am and went for a 4 miles run. I was supposed to go with him. However, I didn't think a 6 am run in the 30 degree temperature was the best way to kick this cold... plus the bed was awfully warm!

Chris got a call and an email from his new boss yesterday afternoon. He said that they have a great opportunity with a bank and they really need Chris on the project. This is great! Did I mention that this project involves Chris leaving for Singapore on Sunday evening for a week? So much for no traveling! Chris went in to the office this morning in hopes of getting a computer, cell phone, corporate cared... you know, all those things he needs to travel for work to the other side of the world! I can't believe he is leaving the day before he even starts! On the bright side, this may get him out of the the typical 1st day orientation : )

The plan for today... find a flat! I think Chris is worried what may happen if I am left to my own devices in finding a place to live. We have completely different taste when it comes to... well, everything! I like quirky character and Chris likes new. In Chris's support, I do not like the difficulty that comes with old, quirky character! Hopefully, we will find the perfect places that makes us both happy! Wish us luck ; )


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