Friday, October 17, 2008

A flaw in my plan...

We are about 90% packed up. And we have donated Jeep load after Jeep load of stuff to Goodwill. I have donated clothing, shoes, accessories, purses, a curling iron, dishes, sheets, towels, knick knacks, obsolete electronics, pillows, a cat carrier, and blankets. I had a great feeling as I loaded up 4 old blankets, thinking about the person who might otherwise be cold with winter approaching... I did not however think of myself and Chris shivering under a thin sheet for 3 nights after packing and/or giving away EVERY blanket we own/owned! Oops.

Some other small mishaps... No coffee cups. We went to my favorite little coffee shop (Tazza) and purchased coffee yesterday afternoon just so we could bring the cups home and use them this morning! No dishes or anything other than paper plates to be exact. We have bacon, eggs and toast so I naturally thought I would make Chris breakfast this morning... ever tried to scrabble an egg over a gas burner on a paper plate? Yeah, me neither and I am no MacGyver so I chose to go with cereal... only problem with that, no bowls!

It is a good thing that we only have a few more days before we leave for Florida.

Until next time, XOXO

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