Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's just stuff...

Chris just left to take a Jeep load of donations to Goodwill. I am on the verge of tears which is silly because it is just stuff! But in the end it is my stuff. I have taped up signs all over the house that say; Take, Store, Give Away and Trash. The Give Away piles seem to be filling up the quickest. We are taking a very non-emotional approach to the whole process which is why I made Chris take the first round of donations... the longer I have to think about it the more emotional I become about the silliest things... like by box full of ribbons for wrapping presents. All those ribbons I was keeping for the "perfect" wrapping moment. I guess the lesson learned here is to stop waiting for the perfect moment and make every moment perfect. Wow, that was pretty profound. Just remember where you read it first ; )

I keep repeating the mantra "We are moving to London!" It makes it a little easier to donate those insignificant things that won't make the long journey. As for the storage situation... I owe Dad & Lori and big thank you. In a weeks time, we will be filling their (already burdened) garage and spare room with our boxes and a few pieces of furniture. I am keeping it to a minimum... or at least I am trying!

Well, I guess I should get back to the "stuff."

Until next time!

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