Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Things I will miss in the Atl... in order as they come to mind ; )

1. Our new paved intersection at Howell Mill and DeFoor. It took forever but they did a great job. No more flooding after 5 minutes of rain, turning lanes on all 4 sides... it is just a dream!

2. Screen on the Green... Even though I never actually went to see a movie in Piedmont Park, I always hoped I could eventually!

3. Season's 52. What a yummy place! We went last Friday to celebrate our anniversary and it was delicious, as always!

4. Our house. It is really hard to believe that we are leaving it! It is also going to be hard to find another place that I love as much as my first home! However, I am guessing that after living in a flat for a few years we will be more than ready to buy our second home!!!

5. MARTA... haha... that was a joke. I will not miss our sad little subway in Atlanta. I am looking forward to living in a city with a subway that actually goes somewhere!

6. Tap. Our not-so neighborhood gastro pub. We went the 1st time for Chris's b-day last year. It was a Sunday and the place was dead. By the time we left, we had spoken to every server, cook, manager and bar tender. They all know our names and when we show up (about once a week) we get hugs from everyone! Over the last few months every time we had a house showing and had to leave... we would go to Tap. So in a way, they helped us sell the house!

7. Dancing Taxman. Every year during the tax season our local accountant (I think it is called Liberty Tax Services??) hires a man to dress in red, white and blue and sometimes as Lady Liberty. I call him the Taxman and he REALLY loves his job! If you have ever driven on Howell Mill at the Wal-Mart entrance during tax time... you have seen him and you have stared! I honk my horn and cheer for him when I drive past. Chris usually ducks in his seating horrified that someone will see him! The Taxman dances and sings his way into the hearts of all the passersby. He is a dancing maniac and has no shame in his game as he sings into a stick and directs traffic while moon walking along the crosswalk. Now to be clear, I would never let these people do my taxes but I sure do love to watch the Taxman shake his thang!

8. Our neighbors. I think we have been truly blessed with some amazing neighbors. Our neighbors are people we can call on at any hour and once they shake out the cobwebs they are there for us. Whether it is a cup of sugar, a ride to work or the airport, or to spy on potential home buyers... they are always there! I will especially miss our Halloween tradition. Sitting in the driveway, fire in the chiminea, wine and about 2 trick or treaters! It doesn't get any better : ) Our neighbors are so great, I think if I called on them from London they would still do everything they could to help!

9.Ponce de Leon. Yes, I will miss the entire road. You just never know what you are going to see. Once we were having dinner at MF Sushi and a man walked into the liquor store across Ponce. This is one of those caged liquor stores where everything is behind bullet proof glass and steel bars! He came out a moment later and walked over to a trash can. He pulled out a bag, put it over his head and walked back into the liquor store. The funny thing is that the man working in the store was watching the whole thing and just walked behind the bullet door and locked it. Eventually the would-be robber walked out and down the street. I watched him for about 2 blocks as he casually strolled along... with the paper bag still on his head! Like I said... you just never know what you will see on Ponce de Leon!

10. The weather. Some might say I am crazy but in comparison to where we are heading, Atlanta's weather is spectacular! Not too cold in the winter, not too hot for too long in the summer, and lets face it... it hardly ever rains!

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