Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Discombobulated Ki-Put

Yesterday morning as we were going through security to board our flight to Atlanta I temporarily became an idiot. At least I am hoping it was only temporary! I loaded my belongings on to the conveyor belt to the left including my shoes, belt, purse, book bag, etc. I stood in the queue (my 1st British word today : ) and waited my turn. As the other people went ahead of me and headed to the right to gather their belongings, I silently became an idiot. I walked through the metal detector and headed to the right... However if you recall my belongings were to the left! The TSA man said "other way" and I said "oh, yeah!" As Chris followed behind me the TSA man called me "Discombobulated!"

This whole episode occurred just following the TSA screener asking me is my last name was "Ki Put" pronounced with a German "ut!"

Needless to say, Chris is now referring to me as the Discombobulated Ki Put!

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Bob said...

Tell Chris that you're by far not the first person to do this. :)

No worries...

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