Friday, November 7, 2008

Chris is home!!!

Chris got home around 7 am this morning... and he brought a terrible cold with him! I am finally getting better and now he feels bad... The good news is that he brought the sun with him! Yeah!!! I was able to wear my sunglasses for the 1st time since we arrived. We took the day off from important stuff and relaxed. I took Chris to our new flat and showed him around... he likes it! We walked to Hyde Park and enjoyed the sunshine. We sat by the The Serpentine at Lido Restaurant and enjoyed a cup of hot tea... very English!

Afterwards, we hopped on the tube to Covent Gardens and enjoyed a quite lunch (and pint ; ) at The Punch and Judy Pub. We finished the day by watching the street performers and shopping around the market. It was nice to relax and stroll around the city. Soon it will be back to work for Chris and back to setting up home for me.


LKipphut said...

I am so jealous! I want to see the street performers at Covent Garden too! Glad Chris is home and that you two got to relax today. Good for you.

Vim said...

We wanna see pictures of the flat when you guys get moved in!! It looks like you guys were having a good time, despite Chris's cold :).