Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Fever!!!

Tonight I joined a friend and some of her friends at The American Bar at the Stafford Hotel in London for an Election Party. I was expecting American ex-patriots, tourist and maybe some curious Brits to be there following the results of the election as they slowly came in to CNN. Wrong! The place was literally packed. The hotel and bar staff had to close off the entrances and prevent people from entering. The bar was 6 people deep and I could barely move an inch. The truly surprising part was the number of non-Americans. I met people from Germany, France, Canada (ok so Canada is not a big surprise), Ireland, South America and then a few Americans.

So picture this, The America Bar stuffed to the gills with people from every where in the world and everyone discussing American politics like they have some sort of degree or 1st hand knowledge of it! I heard one Brit say that John McCain admitted to beating his wife in a speech! Someone else was trying to explain the hanging chad debacle in 2000 and said that now 100% of the US is voting electronically! It was very entertaining but also a little disappointing. You would think with information so readily available with the Internet, newspapers, magazines, etc, that people would not be so ignorant!

I was in the lobby of the hotel waiting for my coat and taxi (I missed the last train to Barbican... opps.) This man... I think he was an American but he was without a doubt drunk! He had a Spanish man with him named Pedro. He asked me if I was winning. I said that I was not in the race... he did not find any humor in this and asked if my "man" was winning. I said that it was too early to tell who was winning and this drunken, possible American proceeded to lecture me and the desk clerk on American politics. He was saying that all politicians are crooks and that he was an Anarchist. He said he never believes anything anyone says and then he encouraged me to keep my head up because I had a pretty face! He actually said that... He ended the chat by saying "I hope that what you wish for or want, you get... unless you want Obama and in that case I hope you lose." He then asked the desk clerk "what the flavor of the month" was and when he didn't get a response he yelled for Pedro to get on the lift and up they went! I kind of feel sorry for Pedro... he just dropped his chin and followed orders.

If it is not raining tomorrow, I may take the train to Covent Gardens and watch the street performers. If it is raining I may just go back to the Stafford Hotel and watch Pedro and the drunk possible American! I will be sure to keep you informed ; )

Until then...

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