Monday, November 17, 2008

Sorry for the delay...

No need to worry... we are still alive! And we are moved in to the new flat! It has been a long few days especially since we are without internet connection at the moment. So this will be a short and simple post...

We got the keys to new our digs on Friday, checked out of the hotel on Saturday, re-located Moe via a mini-cab, realized we needed sheets, towels, plates, utensils etc, shopped, watched Florida beat up on South Carolina (assuming nothing changed in the 4th quarter), met friends for brunch, shopped some more, slept a few hours along the way and ate our first meal in our new place. That just about sums up Friday the 14th through Sunday evening!

Moe is settling in again... however, I think he is turning gray after all the stress of flying and moving and new smells! Poor kitty! Sometimes I feel guilty for bringing him all the way here but I can not imagine not having him with us. He is a constant source of comfort.

We hope to have internet in the flat in about a week... until then!

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