Monday, November 17, 2008

Funny things I have heard and seen...

  • I heard this recording when I called to set up our gas account, "If you are calling regarding a gas escape, please press 1." A gas escape! I picture a very prim and proper English lady silently "making wind" and then announcing "Pardon, I seem to have had a gas escape."

  • In case you are wondering, the English say "wind" as opposed to fart.

  • A sign in the local pharmacy read, "Get you flu jab here!" Jab... shot... whatever!! It is all the same.

  • Keds... yes, the bright white shoes us 30 somethings used to wear with tight rolled. acid washed jeans and multiple pairs of brightly coloured, slouchy socks... as I type, I realize I am seeing this entire outfit all over the city... only it is the men that are wearing it! I promise to get some pics as soon as I find my camera!

  • A man dressed as a woman. He had on a long, curly blond wig and a short black mini skirt. He was wearing fishnets, gloves up to his elbows and about 3 inches of make-up. Having lived in Atlanta for the last 3 years this was not unusual. The funny part was everyone's reactions as they realized the gangley, oddly dressed woman was in fact a man. He/She was walking a few feet ahead of us, so I was able to see and hear every ones reactions. Chris and I broke into hysterical laughter as a young English woman blurted out, " What the bloody hell was that?!" Some people just have a way with words!

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