Sunday, November 23, 2008

A lovely Sunday...

Chris and I had planned an early morning run in the park but awoke at 8 am to pouring rain. We both rolled over and returned to our slumber with Moe snuggled between us. Chris was the 1st to get up and then Moe... I followed feeling guilty that even the cat was awake and I was not! When we got around to looking at the clock it was noon! So much for the early morning run... luckily by now the rain was over and the sky was blue!

Chris went running and I walked through the park. It was a brilliant walk, the air was very cool and crisp but the sun was bright and the sky was clear. I walked past the same field where Chris and I had enjoyed an afternoon in the sun during our July scouting trip. This morning it was still drenched in sun. It was also covered in sparkling rain drops and a flock of geese were grazing and enjoying their own afternoon in the sun! Despite the 30 degree weather, I had a sudden feeling of warmth.

Speaking of weather and temperature... it is freezing in this city! They were forecasting snow last night and it is possible that outlying areas got just that... we just got the a fore mentioned rain. Sun would be nice to see for a few minutes but I think it would get old very quickly seeing as how we walk everywhere! I have been in 3 cars since arriving in October, the van from the airport, a black cab on the evening of the election party and the van we used to move to the flat. Other than that it has been the tube and the feet! It is rather nice most of the time. After a big meal it feels good to walk a few blocks home or in the morning when the sun is bright and the kids are walking to school in their uniforms... I will have to take some pictures of this! However, when it is cold and raining sideways...I wish I had a car! On these days, I heed Nana's advice and pop open my new umbrella and repeat over and over in my head: " I love freeze cold sideways ran!"

The plan for the week: continue my job search, take delivery of the stuff we shipped, go see The Graham Norton Show, and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with some friends at the Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair.

Until next time!

~Hugs and Kisses

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LKipphut said...

Jen, you make even rain sound delightful! I love the way you describe your walk through the park...makes me want to be there to join you. Good luck on your internet connection...I miss getting your emails and phone calls.