Monday, November 10, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!

We had another umbrella casualty this morning. We were down to 2 very cheap umbrellas... one of which I think we bought while in London on our honeymoon! It was awfully wobbly... now you may be wondering what a wobbly umbrella is like and I can tell you it is not what you want when in London in November. The other was a $6 umbrella I bought Chris after he misplaced is Brookstone, wind resistant, titanium lined, Bond 007 style umbrella... Okay so it was not titanium lined nor did it have any connection with James Bond but it was a nice umbrella!

So... I head out around 11 am to go meet Chris for lunch. I pop open my cheap umbrella and as the fabric blossoms open the handle pops off in my hand and the auto open button flies through the air, landing in the middle of the street. I assessed the situation and decided I could fix the handle if I retrieved the button. As I check for cars... I see the button meet its ultimate demise as it is squashed by a black cab! No hope for the cheap, honeymoon umbrella! I added it to the umbrella graveyard, aka trash can.

I was left with Chris's cheap umbrella (he forgot to take it when he left for work and I was bringing it to him) so I tried to "pop" it open... only to learn that this was not an auto open umbrella! I guess I got what I paid for after all! The moment the wind blew the umbrella was inverted and I was catching rain in the face! At this exact moment, I decided to buy 2 new umbrellas and not the cheap variety! I also decided it was terribly mean of me to buy this crappy umbrella for Chris! I am not a very nice wife... but I made up for it! I bought two, wind resistant, auto open and close umbrellas. They are not wobbly and they certainly were not cheap.

The moral of this story... You can never spend too much money on a good umbrella when living in London in November!

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