Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This city is trying me!

Just when I have had enough of the tri-fecta of weather... that would be rain, wind and cold... I wake up this morning to a bright, shining sun! I was told the sun never shines in November but clearly... it is shining now. Don't get the wrong impression... it is still cloudy and a little gray but wisps of blue sky are peeking through and the sun is out. My instincts are to immediately go outside and stay there until the first sign of rain. Unfortunately, I have dedicated myself to being inside all day!

The plan for today... re-write my resume to match the UK style and apply for some jobs!

I opened the curtains and windows so it is almost like I am outside. Too bad we are on a busy street and I am typing to the sounds of lorries (what we call flat bed or delivery trucks) and black cabs. Maybe I will take an afternoon tea break in the park...

Wish me luck!

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