Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting "Set-Up"

Until now we have been lucky with setting up our utilities in the new flat. The gas and electricity took one phone call of about 20 minutes with no problem and no deposit had to the paid. The water was set up by the landlord so I just had to wait for the letter in the mail with our account number... which we have received. The bank account was set up by Uncle Ernie (aka Ernst & Young) and my dear hubby before we even arrived in London. Now... let's talk about the Internet and cable... or the lack of it!

We were told by the landlords helper, Jacques (pronounced Jacks by the English), that the former tenant in our flat had Sky which is similar to Direct TV or Dish. So Chris called Sky and scheduled an appointment to come and hook it up. We paid the fee and waited... over a week for them to come on Saturday. We were told the service man would be there between 11 and 3. He showed up at about 5! Once there he took one look at the cables, plugs and various wires in the vicinity of the TV and said he did not know "what the bloody hell any of it is!" I am quoting Chris's version as I was outside in the freezing cold guarding the van from potential meter maids as we were informed that WE would be responsible for any tickets and the man refused to use the meter parking and walk the block to our flat! In the end, we still only have 4 tv stations and no Internet!

So the internet mooching and cafe hopping continues!

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Vim said...

That's not fair. I would have left the ticket with the idiot cable guy. You shouldn't have to pay for his laziness! You NEED cable!