Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time flies when your... living in London!

Wow... it is really hard to believe that we have been in London for over 3 weeks! I am slowly adjusting to the changes in life style... like carrying my groceries 5 blocks from the store to the flat. It is very clear to me why true city people shop daily instead of weekly or monthly! The good news, I am getting a work out without having to pay for a gym membership : ) I am also slowly learning the lingo or rather I am learning to speak "proper English." I have learned to say "hello" instead of "hi" and I am finding that my terrible spelling is even worse here! Oh, well... with time I will fit in like a giant red, white and blue American flag!!! No worries, it is nice to be different.

The main task at hand not that we have a flat is... a job! It is harder than I anticipated and I feel guilty not contributing to the bank account. I have perfected my CV (aka resume) and have started contacting the few people I know for help. Any advice would be appreciated!

I have to run now... I am using valuable free internet time and I am supposed to be looking for work!


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